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How to do the Salutation to the Sun Yoga Pose

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Table of Contents

The Purpose

The series of poses which comprise the sun salutation are executed continuously. The Sun Salutation has a complete and total effect on the entire body. All the plexus of the body are stimulated. Circulatory system is rejuvenated. The pulmonary, nervous systems, digestive organs and the large muscle groups are all affected. It affects each section of the spine and all the other joints of the body. It is used in Hatha Yoga as a warm up exercise and for enhancing the cardiovascular system. 

Salutation to the Sun

Step by step yoga pose Salutation to the Sun

  1. Stand with your arms bent at the elbow, hands pressed together in prayer position in front of the chest.
  2. INHALE, raise your arms up over your head then lean backwards as much as is comfortable. Look behind you. Hold for a brief few seconds.
  3. EXHALE fold forward slowly bring your arms down in front of you all the way to the floor. ( knees are extended but not locked.)
  4. INHALE step your left foot back to lunge position, while bending the right knee. EXHALE.
  5. INHALE bring your right foot back to meet the left foot you are now in (downward facing dog) position. Hold your breath for a second or two.
  6. EXHALE, lower your body down, raise your elbows, and rest on your hands, here the hands, chin, knees and toes are all touching the floor.
  7. INHALE, raise your head, shoulders and chest up into the cobra position. The hips should not leave the floor. For those who are able to go from the downward facing dog position straight into the cobra position please do so, then EXHALE and come back down to the floor with your head and shoulders.
  8. INHALE, raise your body to form a peak or the downward facing dog position again. EXHALE.
  9. INHALE, assume the lunge position as in step 4 by bringing your left foot forward and placed flat on the floor between the arms.
  10. EXHALE now step the right foot forward so the feet are together, try to touch your nose to your knees.
  11. INHALE Lift your arms and torso up above your head and if your can lean backwards and hold your breath for a sec. or two.

(12) EXHALE resume prayer posture with your hands in front of the chest the back is straight the legs are straight.