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Yoga For Two

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The Pleasures of Partner Yoga

There are all types of yoga to try-Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, sports yoga, yoga for kids, yoga for seniors and even hot yoga-a series of poses done in a very warm environment. Since there are so many options to choose from, yoga is considered one of most popular fitness alternatives that just about anyone can enjoy.

Most yoga instructors advocate the physical benefits of partner yoga as well as the mental benefits. Partner yoga can be done just about anywhere and there is no equipment needed-just two people and the willingness to keep each other motivated. For couples, partner yoga is a great way to strengthen the relationship by stimulating trust and communication while helping deepen the intimacy of the connection. In other words, your dude will probably love it. If not, at least he will benefit from the mood it puts you into afterwards.

Do you have to be a “yogi” to get the benefits of partner yoga? Beginners and advanced yogis can both benefit from partner yoga practice. Naturally, two advanced yogis can explore more challenging postures. If you are more advanced and choose to practice with a beginner, you can polish up on basic alignment and have an opportunity to practice patience. Seeing yoga from a beginners’ viewpoint can give you new perspectives.

What are some yoga poses you and your sweetheart can do to get sensual? Here are a few basic moves to get you started.

Double Sandwich

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You have to try this pose, if only for the name alone! Sit opposite your partner with the soles of your feet together. Bend forward at the waist and try to reach for each other’s hands. If you can’t touch, have each person grab onto either end of a hand towel or a yoga strap. If you are doing the stretch correctly you will feel the stretch in your lower back and hamstrings.

Make the stretch fun for both of you and talk to each other throughout the entire experience. This partner pose should feel good, so make sure neither of you are in any discomfort. When you are ready to come out of the pose, release hold of your partner, bring your hands to either side of your legs, and walk them up towards your hips, slowly lifting your torso back up.

The Backpack

Stand back to back with your partner. Lock elbows together and have your sweetie bend his knees and place his tush under yours. He then folds forward slowly, lifting you off the ground and onto your back. (Sounds great so far, right?) Stay like this until either of you is ready to come out of the pose. To release, your guy will then stand back up. Switch roles to get the full effect. (Yes, you can lift your partner). After you both have a turn, take a step apart and fold forward. Reach for each other’s hands or legs and hang here for a few deep breaths, releasing your lower back and stretching through the backs of the legs. Stand up slowly when you’re ready.

These are just two poses to get your yoga on. Pretty soon you may be doing two- person downward dogs and double back bends. Who knows? The two of may enjoy the effects of partner yoga so much, you’ll be doing the horizontal mambo after your “warm up”.

And don’t worry. If you don’t have a honey, these poses can all be done with a workout buddy, friend or child. Kids love to do these poses!

So, if you tire of the treadmill and spin class is sputtering, consider partner yoga for a fun fitness change. Grab a spouse, a loved one, or a buddy and sweat it out as a twosome.