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Overdoing Yoga and Breaking the Routine

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We are told to keep motivated. We are told not to quit. We are told that if we work hard, we can do anything. I strongly believe in each of these statements. However, there must be a point when too much is simply too much. There has to be a point when the body becomes too exhausted, and simply cannot continue working hard. 

Overdoing and Breaking the Routine

Perhaps that is over working and not working hard. There must be a fine line between working hard and over working. That is what I am coming to terms with at the moment.

Is it something you can compare to someone else’s work load in order to determine your own work agenda, or is everyone different?

Does it matter how much someone else can handle?

Is it what you can handle?

Do you need to start the process of working hard in order to decipher if it is too much? 

These are the questions that come to mind as I come to terms with the definition of working hard. It would be nice to have more of a set answer, but that is not life’s responsibility to let us know. It is our job to tune into the signals that our mind and body put out there for us. 

We need to analyze what we are doing now, in the present.

Do you have time to exercise, rest well, meditate, prepare a meal, smile? Do you feel accomplished at the end of the day? Are you watching the clock at work, school, and wherever else? If you do have time to exercise, if you can prepare a savory homemade meal whether it be breakfast (even a bowl of cereal), lunch or dinner, if you can easily find the humor in life, and if you are generally satisfied with life, then yes, you can handle more. 

Breaking routine

Adding more must be in small increments so that your body and mind have a chance to adjust to the new routine. Sometimes, breaking a typical routine can be fulfilling. If you’ve always wanted to take a dance class, why not find a studio that will let you sit in on a few classes? Perhaps you would like to earn extra income, why not read up on a company or look into what you would need to do in order to start your own business from home? If you are comfortable where you are now, then there is room for more. 

When you become too comfortable for too long, life becomes mundane. It gets to that point that we have all faced at one time or another. This is the point when you stop to see the bigger picture, and the bigger picture is your life set in routine. The routine makes you forget about the goals you used to want or the adventures you have always wanted to try. Maybe it is at this point when you need to take the day by force and add something to it. 


Remember, you wouldn’t start Yoga with a Bridge Pose – you would need to warm up to it. You wouldn’t dive into a hot bath – you would test the waters first. This is also the case when breaking a routine… you must warm up to it slowly. When you know that it is fine to take on a bit more than you can handle, work a little harder to get a little more out of life. So keep motivated, work hard, but don’t over work. If you can’t handle things as they are in the present, see what you can do to revise the routine to make it your own.