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Benefits of Hatha Yoga: Shoulder Stand Pose

Hatha Yoga Shoulder Stand Pose

Sarvanga Asana or Shoulder Stand Can Help Improve Your Health

Shoulder Stand, or Sarvanga Asana, is an inverted Hatha yoga pose. An inverted pose is any pose in which the head rests below the heart. In Shoulder Stand, the practitioner balances on his shoulders with his legs and feet in the air.

Shoulder Stand, like other inverted poses, has many benefits. It increases circulation, stimulates the brain, boosts the immune system and helps to create a feeling of peace within the mind of its practitioner.

Shoulder Stand Can Increase Blood Circulation

Blood flow is reversed during the practice of inverted yoga poses. Normally, blood is pumped up to the head and down toward the abdomen. However, when practicing Shoulder Stand, blood must flow against its normal route and gravity. It is pumped down to the head and up to the abdomen. This strengthens the heart and, in turn, the body’s ability to circulate blood effectively throughout the body. Circulation is extremely important because blood carries nutrients that the body needs and sweeps away the waste. Poor circulation can slow the healing process and, in some cases, cause infection.

Shoulder Stand Boosts Healing Functions and the Immune System

While practicing shoulder stand, the feet and legs balance above the heart. This allows the blood in the feet, calves, thighs and hips to flow downward, which drains stagnant blood and refreshes the lower body with oxygenated and nutrient rich blood. The flow of nutrient rich blood infuses the body with much needed nourishment and helps to prevent infection in minor cuts and lacerations.

In addition, because inverted poses help to increase the circulation of blood, waste can be removed and nutrients can be delivered more effectively to cells throughout the body, which help to rid the body of unwanted bacteria and, in turn, work to prevent not only topical infection but also sickness and disease.

Practicing Shoulder Stand Stimulates the Brain

Since the heart normally works against gravity to deliver blood to the brain, practicing Shoulder Stand results in a rush of nutrient rich blood to the brain, which helps to refresh the brain.

In addition, practicing Shoulder Stand, which is a challenging pose, helps to keep the brain fit. The brain must work to manage the strength and balance necessary to perform this pose, and the mental exercise imposed on the brain by this pose works to improve memory, attention, and concentration.

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Shoulder Stand Helps to Create a Peaceful Mind

When first practiced, inversions, especially Shoulder Stand, can seem scary. But as strength and balance are developed, practitioners will feel simultaneously calmed, centered, and energized by this pose.

Shoulder Stands help the practitioner to see and feel the world from a different perspective. Practice this pose often for about three minutes at a time to reap the full benefits.