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Yoga for the Throat Chakra

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Using Mudras to Open the Vishuddha Chakra

The throat chakra, or vishuddha, is the centre of creative energy and deals with issues of communication and expression. The voice creates sounds of speech or song to express feelings. This connection with others allows us to reveal who we are. The throat chakra relates to the neck area, esophagus, throat, mouth and ears. The note ‘so’, or the wind blowing through the trees, is associated with this chakra which also represents the colour turquoise or light blue.

Chakra Imbalances

On a physical level a healthy throat chakra reveals a clear voice that concisely communicates thoughts, ideas and feelings. Those who are softly spoken, or have a hoarseness to their voices, may have imbalances in this chakra. The phrases ‘having a frog’ in your throat or ‘choking’ on words are often used to describe the impediment of free speech. Other symptoms of imbalance may include tight neck muscles and throat or a clenched jaw.

Unexpressed Grief or Feelings

We all need to express ourselves and our talents, knowledge and ideas. Blocking this expression may lead to low self esteem or family patterns that suppress an individual’s need to communicate. Grief can also become locked in this chakra if emotions are not expressed through words or tears. Anger and stress can inflame the temporomandibular joint (in front of the ears) if there is teeth gnashing or grinding during the night.

The Importance of Chanting

A good way of opening this chakra is through sound. Speaking, singing and chanting are all good options. By opening your mouth and letting out sound, the vibration clears the throat and it becomes stronger. The throat chakra is also the communicator from the heart to the soul that allows us to ‘sing to our heart’s content’. Another common expression is ‘music to soothe the soul’. Singing allows us to speak from our heart and make sounds reflecting our emotions.

However, silence is also important to allow us to actively listen to others or our surroundings. We can learn to communicate more effectively by actively listening to others to hear exactly what they are saying, and by listening to our surroundings.

Mudras to Open the Throat Chakra

Chakra meditations use mudras, special hand positions, and sounds to open the chakras. Mudras have the power to send more energy to the chakras. Sounds are chanted at the same time to enhance the effect. These sounds originate from Sanskrit letters. When chanted, they cause a resonation in the body that can be felt at the chakra point they are designed for. Meditate for seven to 10 breaths and chant several times for each breath.

Lifting the chin and neck when doing pelvic tilts in Kundalini yoga can also help open the throat charka.