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Yoga can Help You to Resist Alzheimer’s Disease

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Balasana Sharpens Memory, Resists Senility and Improves Eyesight

Do you remember how as a child you always felt relaxed and without a worry in the world? Alas those days cannot return, but what can return is the carefree and stress-free attitude. Yoga can help you to cultivate this attitude with a pose aptly called the “Child Pose,” or Balasana.

How to Do the Balasana (Child Pose)


Sit on a carpet and fold your legs at your knees. Move your feet close to each other so that your big toes touch each other. Your soles should face upwards. Breathe easy and relax before making your next move.

Spread your bent legs outwards and make some space to place your head during the next move. Bring your arms forward and upturn your palms. Rest your wrists on the knees. Inhale deeply. Now when you exhale also push your wrists across your knees and further to the floor.

Your torso is now bent over and your shoulders rest on your thighs. Your head is on the carpet with your arms ahead of you. Relax completely at this posture and breathe normally. You can feel your every breath and the upward move of your back with every inhalation.

Keep breathing easy. You will enjoy the relaxed feeling that you experience at this stage. As you relax, your head may feel a tingling sensation as more blood flows towards it. This is so as your heart is now slightly higher than your head when you bend over. Pause and relax in this posture for a few moments.

How to Exit the Balasana (Child Pose)

Slightly push your torso up with your arms, using your elbows. You might feel a bit dizzy as you lift your torso, due to the change in your posture.

A Modified Version of the Balasana (Child Pose)

modified Balasana

There is another way of doing the Balasana, Here you push your arms behind you instead of pushing them ahead of you. The other steps are same. Do the Balasana either way, depending on your individual comfort.

Benefits of the Balasana (Child Pose)

If you do the Balasana regularly, eyesight will improve and hair loss will be reduced as your brain receives increased flow of blood. The pose also sharpens your memory and is especially relevant for kids and the elderly.

For everyone irrespective of age, this pose also reduces hypertension and stress as the brain receives more blood. Also nourished are the muscles of your thighs and you build your body’s resistance to neck and back ailments.

To derive comprehensive benefits from the different yoga exercises, do this exercise along with other yoga exercises like Bhujangasana, to improve your metabolism and digestion, the Akarna Dhanurasana along with the Normal Naukasana to make your back supple and to stimulate insulin secretion.

A Note of Caution While doing the Balasana (Child Pose)

Those who suffer from any neck or back ailments, knee injury postural vertigo or high blood pressure should avoid doing this exercise. Mothers-to-be too should not do this asana until six months after childbirth and then only under medical advice. This is a very simple exercise but please do consult your doctor and yoga teacher before doing this exercise.

Eat Healthy Food to Supplement Yoga

Remember to eat healthy food. Prefer non-greasy, high fiber and low calorie food and you can effectively supplement your yoga exercises to get maximum benefit.