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Try Practicing Yoga to Treat Depression & SAD

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Yoga is an All Natural Therapy that Works Quickly & Effectively

For many people suffering from mental health problems like depression and SAD (seasonal affective disorder), yoga can be an effective and drug-free form of therapy. Exercise in general is good for the mind and emotions as well as the body, since it releases endorphins which relieve frustration and stress.

Yoga takes this benefit several steps further since it is meant to positively impact both the mind and the body. The mental benefits are specifically geared to improving or alleviating the symptom, instead of being just a positive side effect of exercise. Because of this, the practice of yoga for depression relief can be a great aid.

Yoga Helps Balance the Mind

Yoga doesn’t focus solely on the asanas, or postures. The asanas are undoubtedly important, but they are really simply the physical platform upon which the mental aspects of yoga are based. Yoga focuses strongly on meditation, which helps to clear the mind and sharpens concentration. The power of control over the mind expands to control over emotions as well. Practitioners of yoga can overcome depression by strengthening the mind and subduing negative emotions.

Yoga is a Long-Term, All Natural Treatment

Understandably, many people are reluctant to treat any problems they may have with drugs, even those advertised as being “all natural.” Many so-called remedies have negative side effects, or have not been tested for potential long-term consequences of use. Even natural nutritional supplements may trigger unwanted side effects.

Yoga for depression has an advantage over all prescription medications in that it does not require one to ingest anything at all. It is based solely on exercise and meditation, so there isn’t even the potential for side effects or long-term problems. Because of this, yoga is truly all-natural in a way which trumps all kinds of medication, even those which are derived from natural sources. Yoga is also an excellent holistic, alternative treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a form of depression.

Yoga Gives Instant Results

Medicines often warn that users will need to wait for a week or more to see results. During this time, depression is still present and as dangerous as ever. People who begin practicing yoga can see results, mentally and physically, after the very first class.

Exercise releases positive endorphins throughout the bloodstream, so practitioners of yoga or of any other exercise will feel mentally refreshed immediately. Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga is gentle enough where students should not feel worn out or exhausted by the end. Students will be able to enjoy the feeling of a good workout without crashing.

As time goes on, yoga becomes increasingly beneficial. Students will better learn how to meditate, focus, and effectively work their bodies.


The practice of yoga for depression is an excellent mental and physical outlet. It shows instant results which are only bettered by time, and do not involve any sort of drugs or medication. For anyone suffering from depression, yoga is a perfect way to decrease stress, focus and sharpen the mind, and improve physical health.