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The Reverse Naukasana of Yoga

Reverse Naukasana

Do this Exercise to Reduce Abdominal Fat

Accumulation of abdominal fat is one of the undesirable outcomes of a high calorie diet. The Reverse Naukasana or the “Reverse ‘Boat Pose” helps you to reduce obesity get rid of abdominal fat and also to achieve a flat washboard stomach. Although it cannot by itself give you six pack abs, when combined with other heavy exercises it is a good start to achieve and maintain fit and healthy body contours.

This Asana is basically the reverse of the Normal Naukasana in which you lie supine and lift your arms and legs. The difference here is that you lie on your back. In this asana the pressure is more on your abdominal section which acts like a pair of hinges to balance your upraised feet and torso. This may sound simple, but doing it has its specific challenges and you need to master it in stages after some pervasive practice.

How to do this Exercise

You start doing this asana by lying on your back. At this position the first thing you do is to inhale and exhale normally for some time until you feel comfortable.

Now inhale deeply and stiffen the muscles of your legs, back and arms. Gradually but simultaneously start lifting your feet and shoulders off the floor. This is the tricky part as you may find that you can easily lift your feet, but cannot that easily raise your torso high enough so that your shoulders are at the same height as your feet. This is normal for a beginner.

But do not try lifting your torso first and then try lifting your legs or vice versa. In both cases you may not be able to maintain the same height, and your body could sway. Consequently either your legs or your shoulders could eventually sag to the floor.

The point here is to lift both your legs and torso together up to the same height for your abdomen to be under balanced pressure. Trial and error by doing this over some days would make you do it properly and also put you at ease while maintaining this posture.

The final movement in this exercise is to move your upraised arms to point towards your toes. At this position your body looks like a boat, hence the name “Boat Posture.”

How to Come Out of this Asana

To come out of this asana, gently and gradually lower your feet to touch the ground and then place your palms on the floor and use their support to lower your torso so that your head also rests on the floor. Now you return to the position from where you started this asana.

Consult Your Doctor and Yoga Therapist

Repeat this cycle as many times you are comfortable doing so. But before you start doing this exercise do consult your doctor and do this exercise only under the guidance of a qualified yoga therapist. Those who have any back or hip related ailments should not do this exercise. You need to start doing this exercise before these ailments afflict you, so that you can make your body supple and strong to resist them.

Benefits of the Reverse Naukasana

The benefits of doing this exercise are many. As your abdominal section is under pressure, your liver and pancreas can function better. This can lead to increased secretion of bile from the liver and insulin from the pancreas, thus improving your digestion. It could also help to regulate your blood sugar levels.

In addition, the muscles of your legs, especially the calf and thigh muscles, and the muscles around your shoulders and neck get toned. Above all your tummy fat is reduced. Although you cannot build six pack abs with this exercise itself, doing it regularly can prepare you for heavier exercises that can make it possible for you to achieve six packs.