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The Mandukasana “Frog Posture” Yoga Pose Can Help Resist Diabetes

frog pose

Mandukasana Can Increases Secretion of Natural Insulin by Your Pancreas

Most suffer from diabetes, due to the lack of exercise and diet. Yoga’s Mandukasana pose helps in inducing the pancreas to secrete more insulin. The Mandukasana yoga pose your body resembles a frog, hence the term “Frog Posture.”

There’s different Mandukasana variants. You can crouch on a mat in the first edition. If you have some hip-related ailment and can’t crouch on a mat, you can switch to the second version where you can sit or use a chair.

How to do Mandukasana, first version

Mandukasana "Frog Posture" Yoga Pose

You should crouch “hunkered down” on a mat. Bend your knees and tuck behind your thighs and buttocks. You must keep your back straight. Now start moving your folded legs apart to form a V. But as you move your legs apart, your tips can still touch each other. Now put your arms with your palms flat on the mat to maintain your upright stance. Breathe normally.

The first version lets you lose extra fat around your hip and thighs. This is essentially an exercise that encourages the digestive system to function better. This helps the body control blood sugar levels.

Second Version of the Mandukasana

You can do the second version of the Mandukasana sitting on a chair, so anyone with difficulties sitting on a mat can start with this version. First, inhale and exhale. This clears the nasal tract. Place your palms over your belly, gently push against your navel. Inhale your breath deeply. Stop and then exhale forcefully.

Place your palms softly against your navel and bend your back to meet your knees. If you can do this, go on to bend and cross your nose above your knees. But you should try to touch your knees with your nose. Pause in this role. Of course, the more you can bend, the better results from this exercise.

The Third Version of the Mandukasana

In this exercise’s third edition, you curl your palms into fists and drive them deep into your navel’s two sides. Again, you replicate the second version’s movement loop.

How to exit out of the Mandukasana

Slowly raise your back and inhale when doing so. Repeat the above steps as long as possible. The pressure you put on your navel when bending helps strengthen your digestive system. Early morning is the perfect time to do Mandukasana, and on an empty stomach before getting your morning tea or breakfast.

Benefits of the Frog Pose

This exercise ‘s three variants result in the pancreas being activated to secrete more natural insulin. With more insulin at body disposal, digestion is quicker and stronger with the consequent regulation of blood sugar levels. But don’t stop taking your medication. These yoga exercises help the body work better.

Do this exercise and monitor your glucometer’s blood sugar levels success. It may take a few weeks to a few months of normal and proper Mandukasana exercise to achieve results that differ depending on how severe the diabetes is.

Due to the abdominal segment pressure, Mandukasana also helps you resolve constipation and gastric problems.

Perform this exercise along with other yoga exercises like Bhujangasana, to improve your body’s metabolism and digestive system, the Akarna Dhanurasana along with the Normal Naukasana to make your back supple and to stimulate insulin secretion.


Before completing this exercise, consult your doctor and have a certified yoga instructor direct you through the three iterations of this exercise.