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Practice Yoga Outside

man sitting on gray dock

Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level

To find the perfect place for practice one may have to open the door, shoulder one’s yoga mat and set foot on the Earth. Yoga as a lifestyle connects one to the Earth and so practicing in the fresh air, on an organic surface completes that lifestyle.

Practicing yoga outside has many benefits:

  • It connects one directly to the energy of the Earth.
  • Slight differences in natural terrain focuses balance more than a flat floor.
  • Being in nature can put personal problems in perspective.
  • The vitamin D in sunshine raises serotonin levels, increasing happiness.
  • Deep breathing sequences are more fulfilling in natural flowing air.

Serene Places

Yoga can be taken outside anywhere in the world. Imagine moving through a sun salutation on a sandy beach, in a quiet forest, among summer alpine flowers, on a glacier or even in the backyard garden. No matter the place chosen, the terrain may or may not be suitable to practice without a mat. Bring a yoga mat and assess the area of choice as to if it is better suited to a mat or not. For instance if on a glacier it is possible to find large flat rocks to practice on that might work perfectly well for many yoga poses without a mat, but if for example on a slightly sandy beach area a mat on compact sand may work best.

Finding Flow through the Seasons

Flow is a state of being in which humans are said to experience being “in the zone”. They may lose all sense of time and surroundings, enabling them to tap into more creative energies. When deep in a yoga sequence, flow is frequently experienced. In fact yoga’s flow of breath is a direct connection to the state of flow.

Entering a state of flow in the outdoors is a direct connection to the Earth’s fluid seasons. Though the three warmer seasons may at first be more inviting to practice on the mat outside, there is no reason not to put on an extra layer and feel the warmth of body movement and breathe as snowflakes melt on your nose. This can in fact be a wonderful addition to winter camping.

A Beautiful Routine

In taking the yoga mat outdoors many might find themselves making their outdoor yoga session a weekly routine. Some may wish to seek a new place outside each week whereas others may return to a certain specific and special place. Whether practicing under a specific tree or hiking a different mountain each week to practice on new summits, connecting the beautiful worlds of Mother Nature and yoga can enhance your lifestyle as a whole.