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Iron Yoga

woman holding red dumbbells

Combining the Grace of Yoga with the Power of Strength Training

Anthony Carillo, a nationally ranked Ironman triathlete and fitness trainer, created Iron Yoga in August of 2002 and immediately experienced positive benefits and improvements to his race results. His goal was to provide a greater challenge to the upper body while intensifying each power yoga pose using light (two to five pound) weights.

Combining the grace and flexibility of yoga with the power of weight lifting gives a two-for-one workout punch.

Benefits of Yoga Strength Training

  • increases functional strength and conditioning
  • increases muscular endurance
  • improves balance, coordination, agility and overall body symmetry
  • sharpens mental focus and concentration skills
  • enhances proper breathing techniques
  • improves lean muscle mass to increase metabolism and stimulate weight loss
  • promotes healing, repair and recovery of the body
  • improves awareness of mind/muscle and mind/body/spirit connection

What People Are Saying about Iron Yoga Training

Iron Yoga is in high demand, which is no surprise. In what other class can you pump iron and perfect your triangle at the same time?

“Want to take your workout from ho-hum to holy cow? Add fitness tools to otherwise ordinary exercises. Across the country, innovative classes are making activities like yoga and step extra intensive by adding dumbbells, stabilizing balls and other props. The result: Invigorating routines that engage more muscle, burn a greater number of calories, and keep you motivated.” – Fitmag

Iron Yoga Fitness Training Combats Stress, Injury

Running is one of the best ways to improve cardio conditioning, burn calories, and lose fat. Unfortunately, running does put a good deal of stress on the body. Due to constant contraction and repetitive motion, the knee and ankle joints are prone to injury. Muscles in the lower back, hips and legs tend to tighten and shorten, also leading to injury.

Anthony’s program encourages stretching the lower body as thoroughly as possible to become more flexible. These poses should be done regularly: Downward-Facing Dog (stretches backs of leg muscles and lower back), Pigeon (keeps hips open and flexible), and Dancer’s stretches (to stretch quads and hip flexors).

Triangle balancing poses such as Tree, Warrior 3, Standing Leg Raise, Eagle, and the Power Lunge Sequence all help to develop strong leg strength and muscular endurance.

Why Practice Iron Yoga Fitness Training?

Iron Yoga works with the body and the mind. The intensity will create the same muscle burn that is commonly felt during a training workout or competition.

Dumbbells are used to increase the challenge of a pose like Warrior 1. Even while holding hands in front of the heart, students are still holding hand-held weights.

This is a sculpting class with an edge. Engage more muscles, burn more calories, boost your metabolism, and stay stimulated. Iron Yoga can make you feel blissful and strong, simultaneously.