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5 Best Prenatal Yoga Poses

Pregnant yoga

Exercise is a gift you can give yourself during the pregnancy period. In line with this, one of the best to practice is yoga.

The childbearing process is the start of a mother and her child’s bond. A mother’s first expression of love is the way she nurtures her body to ensure a stable and healthy environment for her offspring. Research reveals that starting from the womb up to infancy are the most formative period in our lives.

The development of the child is significantly influenced by the things that surround her mother during pregnancy: the food she eats, the environment she’s in, and the relationships around her. Therefore, physical and psychological well-being are paramount to the pregnancy and the childbearing moment.

Prenatal yoga is a means to disconnect to the outside world and regain connection of one’s self. It can build some core strength, endurance, and pelvic floor strength while allowing you to meditate, breathe, and just be. 

Here are the best yoga poses while pregnant

#1 Warrior pose

Warrior Yoga Pose

This pose helps build leg strength to aid in supporting the changes that happen in the body. With your feet apart and arms at slides, slide one of your feet behind and put the heel on the floor as you angle the toes towards the front corner of the mat on the same side. Lift your arms until they’re parallel to the floor and actively reach out with palms facing the floor. Make sure that both your heels are aligned. Stabilize your thighs and turn the opposite thigh outward while having the knee over the ankle. Turn your head towards the front and hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repat on the other side.

For safety, place a chair sideways under your front leg to support your weight as your body’s sense of balance during this period changes. It is said that the warrior pose can help relieve pregnancy backache and aid in fertility.

#2 Restorative pose

Place your head over two yoga pillows and have the option to place a bolster to act as a backrest. Place a yoga knee cushion or a cotton yoga bolster beneath the top knee for support. You may also put in up to a couple of blankets to support the arm. 

The key for restorative poses is to ensure a well-supported. This pose gives the mother some quiet time to assess her thoughts and bond with the baby.

#3 Shavasana pose

Lie on your back with arms at side and palms facing the ceiling. Have some yoga blocks and bolster to support the back as you keep your legs apart. Exhale all the negativity and take in all that is good.

This pose offers relaxation and comfort that allows the mother and the child to gain deeper understanding about each other. 

#4 Prenatal cat pose

Prenatal cat pose

As you near the end of your pregnancy, this pose is a great way to help move the baby into the ideal birth position. With your hands and knees on the floor, ensure that your hand is directly under your shoulder and knees under the hip. Upon inhalation, gently lift your head and upon exhalation, move into a round back as you take your chin to your chest. To maximize your round back, press and push on to the floor.

The benefits of this pose, on top of it bringing the baby into the ideal position, is that it gives the spine more mobility and it also strengthens the back, thusk, decreasing back and hip pain. 

#5 Prenatal twist pose

Prenatal twist pose

You want to relieve back pain, restore circulation, correct posture, and improve flexibility? Then twisting yoga poses are the way to go!

Sit on your mat with folded legs and elevate arms until the shoulder level. Have your palms facing up as you inhale. Upon exhalation, twist your body to one side and move your head to the same side as well. Keep your hands reaching for the opposite leg to intensify the twist. Hold this position, relax, and repeat on the other side.

5 safety prenatal yoga tips

  1. Utilize bolsters, pillows, and blankets for support.
  2. Utilize blocks and straps for stability and decreased strain.
  3. Utilize blocks to support knees and feet while comfortably sitting for meditation.
  4. Do not overdo the pose duration.
  5. Do standing poses near a wall for support against falls.

Last thoughts

There are a lot of things women go through during pregnancy and yoga is known to aid in decreasing the negative experiences we feel. Also, these positions may pave the way to easier labor and delivery.

Before your asanas, ensure a clearance from your doctor or a certified prenatal yoga instructor.