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Ardha Padahastasana (The Half Foot to Hand Forward Bend Pose) Reduces Your Waistline

Ardha Padahastasana

The Half Foot to Hand Forward Bend also Improves Eyesight

This is one pose that is a sure shot way to reduce your waistline. The Ardha Padahastasana literally means the Half Foot to Hand Forward Bend. In this posture, you can have increased supply of blood to the brain without any intricate balancing as in the Shirashasana (Headstand), Adho Mukho Vrikshasana (Handstand), Halasana (Plow Pose), and so on. So with a relatively easy posture you can get some of the benefits of the more complex exercises.

How to Do the Ardha Padahastasana

Ardha Padahastasana

Stand erect with your feet together and your big toes touching each other. Breathe easy and relax. Now raise both your hands and hold them straight above your head. Inhale and then exhale vigorously. Start lowering your hands without bending them from your elbows. As you lower your arms, pause when they are perpendicular to your torso.

Stiffen the muscles of your back and without bending your spine bend from your hip. Continue to lower your arms without bending your elbows. Your back becomes parallel to the floor and your fingers are nearly touching your toes. Those with a supple physique should be able to touch their toes at their first attempt.

Even if you are not able to touch your toes, you should bring them as close as possible. Practice over a few days will result in success. A paunchy abdomen and stiff hips could prevent your being able to touch your toes.

When you are able to touch your toes or move as close to them as possible, you may pause at that stage and breathe easy. You will find a slight tingling sensation in your head as more blood flows towards your head. A slight feeling of giddiness is also possible. If you feel giddy, you may emerge from this pose immediately. If not you may hold on till you feel comfortable. Do not overdo as it may lead to pain in your hips and back.

How to Exit the Ardha Padahastasana

Inhale and stiffen the muscles of your legs and gradually lift your back. Raise your arms along with straightening your back. Take your hands above your head and then lower them to rest them by your sides. Keep breathing normally.

Benefits of the Ardha Padahastasana

For a simple exercise like this one, there are many benefits to be had. As your torso is bent from the hip, your abdominal muscles are compacted, and this over a few weeks can led to perceptible reduction of your waistline. As you shed excess fat around your belly there are other benefits also. Your abdominal organs function better, and secrete better. With more insulin from the pancreas your blood sugar level is reduced. With more bile from the liver, your digestion is improved.

As more blood flows to your brain your eyesight also improves along with other benefits that you get from exercises where you head is positioned at the lowest portion of your body and below your heart.

To derive comprehensive benefits from the different yoga exercises, do this exercise along with other yoga exercises like the Ardha Chandrasana to resist ailments like osteoporosis and slipped disc, the Mandukasana to resist diabetes, and the Halasana to exercise your entire body with a single posture.

Who Should Not Do the Ardha Padahastasana

Those having any serious hip, back or neck ailment should not do this exercise. As also those who suffer from postural vertigo and high or low blood pressure. In any case do consult your doctor and yoga instructor before doing this exercise.

Eat Food with High Nutrient Value

Insist on food with high nutrient value. Eat non-greasy, high fiber and low calorie food. This can supplement your yoga exercises and help you to get the best out of them.